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Is it really traveling if I’m going back to where I lived before?

I’m back in California helping out with family stuff. I’m glad I can be useful. I enjoy these trips, even if they aren’t to anywhere new.

I took the bus this time. I found the experience interesting. It definitely took longer than driving myself but I don’t have to worry about finding parking and this area is pretty easy to get around without a car. Because gas prices are so high, the bus also costs less than a tank of gas. I’ll write more about how it worked out after my return trip.


While I am here, I am also practicing being better at mindfulness. It is difficult. But already I notice some interesting effects. One of which is I’m more aware of transitions from waking to dreaming. It is a smooth transition where the visions of my thoughts become more clear and vibrant the closer I get to being asleep.

For example, while awake you can visualize anything in your mind: A person, a dog, a tree, etc… You see it in your mind but you are still mostly seeing what is in front of your eyes. If you close your eyes you can sometimes make out outlines of what you are imagining within the shadows of your eyelids.

The transition is when the images in your “minds” eye become more clearer, and the colors more apparent. Focusing on your imagined images can sometimes accelerate the process but if I become too aware of it I will find the transition jarring and it will wake me up again. I also feel paralyzed which makes it difficult to keep calm.

In a way, dreams follow from thoughts with some randomness thrown in. Whatever I am thinking about, I will then be dreaming about. The experience will just be more vivid. It’s Similar to how I will work through scenarios in my head. Dreams are the same experience, they just feel more real because your real senses aren’t available to ground you in the moment.

I find the process interesting, but my main goal is to be able to relax enough to fall asleep reliably. If I can’t relax fully there’s always ZzzQuill which works amazing well at inducing tiredness so I can fall asleep. however with ZzzQuill I rarely notice dreams or even the passage of sleeping time. It is as close to a future time jump as I have gotten outside of general anesthesia.