Back To The Numbers Game

Well, it’s been a few months. I’m heading back to online dating. I don’t want to, and the… grim… resolution to my last relationship lingers on. I dislike the meat market of online dating, how it’s generally a race to find the least broken person willing to give you the time of day. But I’m also thankful that I can do it.

It’s a common experience, and one that I used to endure, that you work hard on an online profile, you put your soul into it, and no one notices you. You get 0 matches day after day after day. It’s a dispiriting experience that drives people to madness, or to complain endlessly online. I went the other way, and worked very hard… to make it seem like I am not working hard at all. There are only two things that will affect your success on online dating: How attractive your pictures are. And how you can make it seem that you do not care at all about the outcome of online dating. Both will take a common “average looking” guy a massive amount of work to get done. Now I get matches and dates, but is it worth it?

Working out

I think I did a new personal record for a my 10km time. It felt good to run that much. At the end I was running 8mph for well over a mile. I can only run this far and hard when I am feeling no anxiety.

Baby Washing Machine

Why does it look like this mom is trying to put this baby inside a washing machine, but can’t because the machine is broken. Maybe the baby broke it? Would this be racist if the baby was black?