Consistently Win at Casino Slot Machines

If you follow my strategy I guarantee you will get back more money from slot machines than you put in. You should also keep in mind it’s all for fun. When you are gambling you should never expect to win big bucks and this will likely not even get you to break minimum wage for the amount of time it takes.

The trick to win at slots is simple: Don’t use your own money. Many slot machines have minimum bets, 25 cents or a dollar for example, often people will loose nearly all their money in the machine except for some loose change that is before the minimum bet. Many people will get up and leave the casino leaving that bit of change in the machine. All you have to do is go up and “cash out”.

There are two ways you can play this game. One is to accumulate as much of this leftover change as possible and then cash it all out, without placing a single bet. This is likely to be the best way to get the most money from the casino but it is also not very fun and slow. The other approach is to stack up enough of this change so that you have enough to place bets.

Whenever I find a machine that has remaining credits I like to put in a credit slip I’ve been accumulating then cash out, this combines the money so I don’t have to carry around more than one slip.

This is technically a gray area in casinos. While it is very unlikely security will harass you for doing this, it might technically be within their right to do so since you could be considered taking someone else’s credits. I’ve never had any trouble of any sort but it is important to keep a high level of decorum. Follow these rules when scavenging for abandoned credits:

  1. Don’t cash out if more than the minimum bet is remaining. If there are several dollars remaining on a machine assume someone will be returning to that slot later and is expecting that money to remain.
  2. Especially don’t touch machines if there are indications someone is actively using it. These signs could be putting an ash tray on the seat, tipping the seat forward, or leaving a jacket.
  3. Don’t take credits on a machine next to someone else, they might be multi-gaming and have temporarily run low on credits on one of their machines. Ask if the slot is still in use before you sit down and take the credits.

In time you will develop a strategy for identifying slot machines with credits remaining. Some have a “cash out” button that lights up when there is money available. You should also keep track of your route. Slot floors are typically like a maze and the more machines you can check the better your odds are of finding credits. I estimate, depending on the casino, that 2-5% of available slots have abandoned money.

I couldn’t find a true name for using slots this sort of way. One article calls it vulturing, but this can also mean a completely different type of slots strategy where you’re still likely to loose money. I like the name slot scavenging since the majority of your time will be spent browsing around the entire casino floor instead of waiting around specific machines. This is a very low risk way to have fun at casinos with the high probability of actually walking away with more money than you came in with. Do it with friends and have some drinks. If you want to have even more fun, make it a competition! You’ll be a lot happier than all the geriatrics feeding their social security checks through the slots.