DealDash Bidding Strategy

DealDash is a site where you can pick up useful items for less than you can buy them anywhere else. It’s also a site where you are more likely to pay much more for an item than it is worth.

There are really only a few rules for winning an auction:

  1. Bid against people who are going to give up before you do.
  2. Don’t bother with high end electronics. They almost always end up at a higher price than you can buy them on Ebay.
  3. Bid on Auctions with no more than 2 Currently active Bidders.
  4. You’ll need to throw down more bids than you’re comfortable with to actually win some items.


Think of DealDash as a large game of poker. Except without any cards and the pot starts out with an Ipad (or whatever you’re interested at). Every round you throw in a chip or risk loosing. However you can leave and re-enter the table mostly whenever you want so long as there are at least 2 other people bidding. In that case it is always in your best interest to only bid when there 1 or 2 other active bidders, any more than that and the odds you win fall dramatically.

You also need to know what your competing bidders are up to. There is a bidder on DealDash you are almost certainly to encounter at one point or another called UncleTan. I’m not sure if he is a robot, a retired billionaire, or even really an uncle, but he bids on just about every auction he can. He wins an impressive 36% of them. He manages to outbid other users all the time with massive and prolonged bidding sprees. Once he dropped over 6000 bids on a single DSLR camera before giving up. Even at the cheapest way to buy bids, that’s some $800 worth of bids. Do you want to be bidding against someone who will throw down $800 to stay in an auction for days?

How do I know about UncleTan and his rampant spending sprees? There is a secret few know about that makes it much clearer which auctions you might win and which auctions will drag on for days while high rollers hemorrhage money in the thousands. The secret is using a Deal Dash bidding strategy website called LetsGoBidding. This site is the only 100% free website that will tell you the full bid histories of everyone you are bidding against. You will see exactly how many auctions a bidder participates in and wins, how much money they spend on average, and how deep they are already on currently running auctions. Other sites want to charge you $30 or more PER MONTH for this data that is available free of charge on You’d be foolish not to use it. With the information there you will know quickly if you are bidding against an UncleTan or one of his followers. Learn who you are competing against and start bidding when your competitors are nearing the maximum number of bids they are comfortable spending and winning will be easy. Once you understand their bidding strategies it’s just a matter of placing the right bids at the right time.