I’m having a great corona quarantine vacation

Thanks for asking! Why yes, I am having a lovely time.

I’m Nocturnal Now

I’ve moved my sleep schedule so that I sleep only during daylight now. This is useful since the weather is much nicer at night, I can usually open the windows at least for a while. I’m also saving a good deal of power since I’m not generating heat working on my computers during the hottest part of the day. The air conditioner is able to keep up adequately. I can also set the air conditioner to a higher temperature since I built a small portable evaporative cooler that I point onto my bed, this keeps me cool and comfortable even when the ambient temperature is in the 80s.

I’ve also attached a sheet that looks like aluminum foil covered bubble wrap to my window blinds. This nearly blocks all light when the sun is up, and then I can raise it in the evenings and be able to look outside again.

I find it difficult to remember what day it is since it becomes tomorrow halfway through my “day”. For example I can watch the stock market and news for Friday right now, even though I woke up on Thursday. For the most part, this doesn’t matter.

Probably the main reason I transitioned to being nocturnal was so that I could run outside very early in the morning. (It is very uncomfortable for me to run early after waking up, I have a weird metabolism where I just feel groggy and bad for a couple hours upon waking. I’d rather run before going to bed). Unfortunately I have not been able to do so because my feet hurt.

Why do my feet hurt?

Two weeks ago, I somehow managed to get some sort of insect bite on not just one, but both feet in exactly the same place. My Ankle. This is the worst bite I have ever experienced and it is equally tormenting both feet. They remain persistently sore and inflamed. I do not know what type of insect it was, I’ve had mosquito bites everywhere, and I’ve stepped on a wasp before, but I’ve never had this sort of reaction. The pain is affecting my walking and it is impossible to run. I could see a doctor about it, but as far as I know there is no cure for “bug bites”, the only condition to watch out for is if they get infected with cellulitis, which it does not look like they are. I’m not going to waste my time seeing a doctor so they can tell me to put hydrocortisone on it. I just hope my feet cure themselves soon as I i’m pining for a run as badly as parrots pine for the fjords.

How I fill my time

One thing this quarantine has reminded me of is that I actually used to go out a lot more than I thought. I filled up my car with gas 2 months ago and it is still nearly full. What I do now is a mix of: playing video games, reading books, reading about the news on the internet, watching tv shows, working out(not running), cooking food, playing with my tree rat, and working on my programming or hardware projects, and much more! Well, I guess it could be worse.

I am not concerned about my livelihood

While I might not be living it up to the extreme at home, I’m also not stressed about anything. In this age when unemployment is reaching record highs, it’s good to not have to worry about not having enough for food or a place to live. I’m still doing just fine. And for that, I am thankful. I worry about the many people who are not as secure as I am. Unlike what politicians are hoping for, this will not be a V shaped recovery. Many jobs gone today will never come back. It’s really a disgrace that my country is so ill prepared for this economic and health catastrophe. I don’t know what exactly will follow in the coming months, but I know it won’t be good. It’s a feeling comparable to when you know you failed an exam and are still waiting for the grade.