Losing Weight is Incredibly Easy

For the past month I have, for the first time in my life, been making a conscious and deliberate effort to lose weight. It has been incredibly easy.

Why I’m Losing Weight

I am trying to reduce my body fat percentage to the low teens. I have been skinny fat my whole life. Earlier this year I started a weight lifting routine to build muscle, now I am reducing fat. Reducing fat is far far easier than building muscle.

Unfortunately my overall progress to building my body is slowed by how long it takes to build muscle. Already my BMI is close to 20 and I’m still some ways off from having a low body fat percentage. Also according to the app I am using I am lighter than 96% of people. This is ridiculous.

Even though I am already very small, and this should be the difficult time to lose weight, it is still continuously melting off me.

How I lose weight

Since I started I have consistently been losing 1.5lbs per week. My secret is intermittent fasting, specifically One Meal A day, with calorie restriction and daily workouts.

The single meal I eat each day I restrict to about 1500 calories, which is still plenty and feels very filling. Then I don’t eat for the remaining 23 hours of the day.

I also work out every day. I lift weight on alternate days, and I run 3 miles every day. I do this a couple hours after I eat so that I don’t feel exhausted from a lack of energy. Based on my weight loss progress, my daily calorie deficit is likely in the 750 kcal range.

This is an incredibly easy way to lose weight. After the first week, while getting used to my new eating schedule, I no longer feel hungry or anything out of normal while I’m fasting. The meals I do eat are filling enough I do not feel hungry afterwards or even feel like I am greatly reducing my food intake. I can, and likely will, continue to eat only one meal a day for the foreseeable future. Once I hit my weight loss goal I will remove the calories restrictions and eat whatever I want for my one meal. It would still be very difficult to gain any additional fat.

Fasting is a great way to lose fat and it also has many other health benefits. The major problem people have with it: that you feel hungry all the time, really doesn’t become that big of an issue after the first week or maybe 2. This is also much easier than eating multiple tiny and unsatisfying meals across the day.

I will continue to utilize intermittent fasting to keep my body fat % low. Unfortunately it does not help much with increasing muscle. And since I am heading towards an underweight BMI, I will need to gain a lot more muscle. If only there was a strategy that could build muscle as quickly as I am able to lose fat.