I’ve been experimenting with various supplements. I’ve tried taking Magnesium Oxide and zinc as they’re supposed to help with workouts, Magnesium is also supposed to improve anxiety, if you have a deficiency, which many people do. I suspect it does help to a limited degree, although I am not a scientific study and it’s difficult to differentiate from the placebo effect. But I definitely think it makes me feel different. I’ll keep experimenting.

I’ve also been researching foods that reduce cortisol(stress) levels, and found I’ve already gravitated to many of them. Pears, bananas, citrus, dark chocolate, and yogurt are some of my favorite daily snacks.


Speaking of my favorite foods, it’s finally cooled down enough at night that I can open the windows and start cooking again. My air conditioning is worthless at 100º+ degrees so I do not bother turning on my oven during the summer months. I made tacos and watched season 3 of Travelers on Netflix. One of my biggest obstacles to overcoming social anxiety is that I really enjoy these types of nights alone. I can leave my windows open even though most people would probably feel it is still too warm outside, I can completely control what I eat and how I cook it, and watch whatever I want. It’s delightful…

Reaching out to my Sister

My sister has been going through a tough time and instead of giving my usual platitudes and leaving her to deal with it, I actively sought out connection. I even called her up on the phone, I think it’s been years since I talked on the phone with her. And it was good. I do not get any anxiety from talking to my close relatives but I still tend to avoid socializing out of habit I suppose. I’m planning a trip over there this next week. I am actually looking forward to it, or at least I am using CBT methods to make myself think positively about it. Review

For my website business, I need to use VPS’s (Virtual Private Servers) for my hosting and computation needs. The first VPS I bought was from MegaZoneHosting, which was listed on Low end box. To put it mildly, the service is terrible. MegaZoneHosting is, from what I later gathered, a ColoCrossing scam host. Their servers are heavily over-sold. At least once a month either the hard drive is full (not my quota, the physical hard drive), or my VPS was shut off and never started again. Sometimes the CPU would be so overloaded I couldn’t even log in via SSH. I’ve finally moved my last project off of this unreliable VPS so I can shut it down for good, at least it only cost me some $15 for this lesson.

If you want to buy a VPS, do not buy anything listed on Low End Box. Most of the providers are probably the same person who is trying to scam as many people with cheap VPS’s as possible. There are other providers that actually do have good service at a similar bargain basement price point. Some of the ones I use are: Virmach, BuyVM, and AlphaVPS. I’ve never had a single problem with any of them.

Working out

I’m taking a day or two off because my ankle kind of hurts, I think I’ve had some tendinitis in it for some time. I’ll resume running and walking soon.