Seeing a Suns game in Phoenix

Last night I saw a Suns Vs. Lakers basketball game at the Talking Stick Arena in downtown Phoenix. The whole thing was a very enjoyable and inexpensive experience thanks to some planning ahead and preparation.

The first part is buying tickets. Personally I don’t care that much where I sit so I got the cheapest tickets I could find. There are many places to buy other people’s tickets at a discount price online. Stubhub may be the most popular but their fees can get ridiculous, sometimes doubling the price of the tickets. is a good alternative since they generally have $0 in fees and still pretty good prices. For this trip I used since I found a promo code (HERD) which got me $20 off my purchase because I was a new user.

I feel having flexibility in where you buy your tickets is important. Always be on the lookout for which site is giving the best promo codes. Use a google search or to find recent codes. After buying the tickets I printed them out but you can also show them on your phone which is what all the cool young kids were doing.

Getting to the event was also pretty easy since I took the Phoenix Metro Light Rail. I live in Mesa where there are plenty of light rail stops with large free parking lots. It’s very easy to drive to one of these park and ride locations and then It’s only $4 for an all-day pass on the train (with free transfers on busses if you wanted to go somewhere else). Riding the train might be a little slower but not having to worry about traffic or where to park makes it more carefree and cheaper. Of course it is public transportation so expect a few down-on-their-luck passengers riding the train along with you, but they will typically leave you alone.

Once I got off the train it was easy to follow everyone else into the arena and through security and to my seat just in time for the game to start. Thinking back I don’t see how it could have gone any better.