Sleep Walk Awake #1

I came up with the idea for Sleep Walk Awake years ago. I had only just finished moving to California from the Midwest. One night I was dreaming about going to In-N-Out, a place I had heard much about but had never been to. The dream burger I ordered off the secret menu was as good as any imaginary food can be and it left quite an impression on me. The next day while I was driving on Interstate 5 to Los Angeles I saw an In-N-Out off the next exit. Remembering the dream, I took the exit and had a very satisfying meal similar to what happened while I was sleeping the night before.

When I think back to that day I wonder if I’m remembering the actual event of going to In-N-Out or the dream hours earlier. The point of the Sleep Walk Awake philosophy is that it doesn’t matter. In this mundane example life and dream are indistinguishable. Awake time and dream time can be compressed into one perspective because I fulfilled whatever need or desire was projected by the dream.

This blog sets to outline my journey into my life and my dreams. A life where I try to make my dreams into a reality wherever possible using all the tools available to me. Some of those tools are:

  1. Financial Independence. My time only belongs to me. I will never want to do something but can’t because I have to waste my day at a 9-5 job.
  2. Introspection or mindfulness. Knowing what I want and what I am actually capable of doing are invaluable for perspective.
  3. Self Sufficiency. It’s easy to get things done when you rely on yourself to do them, and you are very dependable.
  4. Keeping fit makes everything else easier in the long run.

What will be missing from this blog:

  1. Anything supernatural or mystical. Dreams are just dreams. Our perspectives are always flawed. Nothing matters.
  2. Get rich quick schemes. I have a comfortable middle class lifestyle entirely without working, but to actually get here took an incredible amount of work, and I’m still working on it.

Let’s get writing!