Thoughts Today May 2018

When nerds say “No, I won’t fix your computer” preemptively after saying they work with computers

A phrase so ubiquitous there are countless stores selling “humorous” knick-knacks with that saying inked on. I can’t even google to find legitimate nerds saying it because it’s only shopping results as far as the eye can see. It’s a terrible phrase and no one should use it.

Who keeps turning off the TV in the gym after I set it to MSNBC?

I would like to do more experiments. Perhaps change it to FOX news and see if it stays left on?

I’m planning to write about cooking things in your car

My first experiment of baking cookies in my car wasn’t that good, they tasted terrible. Now I’m trying Brownies but it’s taking a very long time to finish. I might need a hotter day for cooking.

Holidays mean less than nothing for the financially independent

Not having to work means the typical yearly holidays are more of an annoyance than something to look forward to. I accidentally went to the Grand Canyon when it was Easter weekend and it was much too crowded. Memorial day is coming up and I have to remember when it is so I don’t accidentally do something around then.

Fallout 4 is disappointing

It was a while ago that I “finished” playing but it still bothers me and really shows how much better the Obsidian made games are. Near the end of my Fallout 4 play-through I was with my “son” in the Institute. He said something that rubbed me the wrong way so I shot him to death. Then I carefully went through and killed everyone else there. The game rewarded me with more quests to use other factions to help me get back to the institute so I could kill everyone all over again? And then no one even acknowledged that I had already murdered my son; the one I had been telling everyone I was looking for. It just didn’t matter, nothing mattered. I really believe that video games need to focus on strong writing first and then the rest of the budget can go to making fancy textures and animations or whatever.

Who is working on Geico commercials

And are they trying to see how terrible they can get before someone tells them to stop? I kind of feel bad that I am actually supporting them every month, but I’m too lazy to change to a different insurance provider. What’s the advertising threshold that will make me put in the effort to switch?