Website Income April 2020

  • Viglink(sovrn): $90
  • Skimlinks:$331

Didn’t make much money in April. This doesn’t take into account the current depression we are in, which if anything will reduce profits more going forward. I am disappointed

Plans to increase income

For some reason my 18 and smoking sites are still seeing the same or higher traffic than before the depression started. I wonder if they will be even better once some level of traveling resumes? It is the only silver lining in my current lackluster gains.

I’ve also been working on my car auction website. It has been difficult creating it due to the complex nature of the undertaking. I have a rough working template now, but there are still a lot of improvements and bug fixes I have yet to do. I think it might be working to my satisfaction in another month. From that point it’s really just playing the waiting game until the website gains popularity.

I have another idea to monetize the penny auction scam site. I will put it behind a paywall. Before I felt morally oppose to this sort of thing. Why should I ask people for money to help them better scam themselves on obvious scams? But I think I’d rather have more money than moral superiority in this regard. With my correspondence with the users of the site most of them seem to be retired boomers who feel very entitled. Their money would be better served in my accounts. I may work on this after finishing car auction website.

Looking forward

I don’t know. If you add up the income I’m making from these websites divided by the time I put into them I’m likely making far less than minimum wage. But I also see some massive potential with these websites to generate huge amounts of money. Yet, I feel I have to be honest with myself. Is my enjoyment of working on this sort of thing really enough to keep doing it? I suppose it is satisfying making things of my own, but it’s also frustrating when the traffic and income doesn’t align with the usefulness of what I am creating. I’ll think more about it.