Website Income December 2019

December has always been a slow month, income decreased slightly:

  • CJ: $79
  • Viglink(sovrn): $384

A total of $463, down a bit from last month since a couple of incomes do not pay every month. Still, it’s not bad, and this isn’t the whole picture. I have a great deal more money coming in that hasn’t been paid yet. Which is good since for some unknown reason the Viglink income has been steadily decreasing. I continue to be skeptical of how these combined affiliate providers function.

Plans to increase income

I didn’t work a whole lot on my business this month, but I still managed to get some things done.

  • Improve main hotel deals site. It’s okay. I can’t think of any more easy ways to generate more income from this.
  • Get amazon affiliate for auction site. This doesn’t pay out any better than the Ebay affiliate did! Zero conversions over the past month. I’m still considering adding some forums or something, but I really don’t have that many active members at the moment. I don’t see how to turn this site into a major winner, but it does pay for domain and hosting costs so I guess I’ll leave it alone for now.
  • Skimlinks sucks. I’ve moved everything off of skimlinks except for one provider which actually does pay out, just not very much.
  • Work on my remaining websites. Hot tubs & hotel fees. Hot tubs isn’t generating any visitors at all, not sure why. Hotel fees is growing, and there is still room for improvements there.
  • Foreign language versions of my existing websites. Here’s an idea, take my current profitable and popular sites and convert them into a foreign language and see if they’re still profitable and popular! I’ve already done this by converting smoking site into German. So far it hasn’t generated much interest but it is still early. If this does work then I can grow my sites a great deal and very quickly.

Looking forward

Things are stable and I predict 2020 will be a good year. I have a large diversity of income coming from many different sources. Even if I lose one source it would not impact the bottom line that much. Many of these sources haven’t paid out yet and I should be listing them in coming months.

As far as working more, I don’t exactly have a huge amount of things to work on for this month. Many tasks are in a “wait and see” mode. In the meantime I have started programming a side algorithm type project, which if it amounts to nothing I will post more about it. (alternatively if it is very profitable, I will tell no one about it for obvious reasons).