Website Income February 2020

Ho hum.

  • Awin: $501
  • Viglink(sovrn): $211
  • CJ: $162

A total of $874, back below $1000, which I don’t like. The same two problems that have always existed still exist. Income keeps coming in but isn’t paid out reliably. And I found out one of my affiliates has shadow banned my website somehow. All traffic from that site doesn’t get logged or converted, whereas traffic from other websites works just fine… I have no idea why this happened since they didn’t have a problem with my site before. Another affiliate is completely broken for mobile users. Chalk it up to them preferring people use the app or something. But generally I don’t get commission if a user clicks a link, then closes the browser and opens up an app to make a purchase.

But on the whole it’s not that bad I guess.

Plans to increase income

Pretty slow progress here, and honestly I’m expecting a downturn due to viruses. There still might be things to work on.

  • Improve main hotel deals site. I’m thinking about adding a booking to the deal finder, but thinking about it isn’t the same as doing it. It also might not have any real advantages.
  • Skimlinks & Viglink sucks. I’m making some progress on this, but I don’t want to give any details.
  • Work on my remaining websites. Smoking and 18 are my big earners here. I’m not sure how much further they can grow but possibly some more! Got a conversion for resort fees, at least it should pay for itself now.
  • Foreign language versions of my existing websites. German site isn’t doing much of anything. No reason to pursue this further if I’m not seeing results.

Looking forward

Diversity and reliability has been my new goals for the past year. I only had 3 sources of income this month, but there are more, they just don’t all pay at the same time. I have a variety of sites generating OK income. I think this is acceptable. I’m sort of on a more “maintaining” and small improvements phase over mass generating new content.

Also I should mention, as I did earlier, the Coronavirus is going to hurt my profits, possibly by quite a lot. At the moment I don’t see much of a decline but the pandemic is still young.

As an aside, I hear many people aren’t worried about this virus at all, and think of it no different than the flu. This is both correct, and extremely incorrect. The virus is unlikely to kill most of us young healthy people. In that way it isn’t much different from the flu. However the danger is in how many people this virus will send to the Emergency Room and hospital. I live in America, which has terrible health care. The system is basically set up so that a large percentage of people do not seek medical care because they cannot afford it. This reduces the capacity most hospitals have and they usually run at max capacity year round because that is the most profitable. Even ERs run at capacity with hours long wait times. Even a small increase in the number of people needing beds in hospitals will cause a rippling disaster which will lead to people, who otherwise could be treated and cured, to die in the streets. We already saw similar events happen in countries that are further along in the infection spread. The danger cannot be overstated and we already know our government will not do the measures China did to get control of the outbreak. The only possible hope is that the coming warmer months will reduce the transmission risk, but this is far from certain could only delay the inevitable. I may write more about this in a dedicated post later.