Website Income for September 2019

Income From My Websites for September 2019

This will be an easy one. I had zero income from my website businesses for the month of September. This has been a transitional period where I am switching where my income comes from, future months should at least start having something.

Plans to increase my income

I have no income for this month but there is a great deal of pending income that should show up soon, which I am not counting for now. Even though, I can think of some ways to improve income.

My main hotel deal finding site is the main driver of income, but it also has half as many visitors as it was getting last year. Part of this can be due to splitting off some articles to other websites, but not entirely. I can do some more research into how to restore my traffic. I also need to fix some bugs, sometimes searches don’t work and I need to make it more flawless to give users the best experience.

I also have a website related to smoking which is gaining traffic of late, especially since my competing sites appear to be offline/not working. I am currently the only game in town and I should be able to capitalize on that to some degree. I should also improve the searching function. These changes can also translate to my under-21 site which is also gaining in traffic.

I need to adjust the affiliate clicks so that I don’t get repeat affiliate clicks for the same affiliate, this dilutes my EPC and will make it more difficult to sign up with more merchants. I can generate a lot more money if I am able to sign up with more merchants.

If you search for affiliate money making plans on the internet you will only find information about Amazon. I do not use Amazon, but I could potentially sign up for it on my auction website. I currently have Ebay there and that gets me just about nothing. If I integrate Amazon links that could be lucrative! But I need to sign up first.