Website Income January 2020

Starting the new year strong:

  • Awin: $642
  • Viglink(sovrn): $462
  • Skimlinks: $73

A total of $1177, which is not bad, but also not that good either. These numbers are still nowhere near meeting the potential. For example, Skimlinks, this is the first money I have ever seen from them and I have sent them around 30,000 quality clicks. They are paying out .24 of a PENNY for each click. It’s not that these clicks aren’t converting. When I’ve had these affiliates directly they would convert 5-10% with about $.30/click commission. The problem with Skimlinks(and also Viglink) is that almost none of the traffic you send through them gets logged converted, even though I know that it is. Unfortunately not a whole lot I can do about this. Even though Viglink paid $462 for this month I see future earnings will drop to about $0, because of this same issue. I’m driving more traffic, they just randomly stop counting it.

Also missing from the list of income this month is CJ, not sure what happened there. I see a growing amount of pending income, just none of it came out this month.

Awin is the sole bright spot. This is an affiliate I have specifically for a niche regional website, I probably average around 15 unique visitors/day for that site and that it can still generate so much money is impressive. Especially when my other sites garner hundreds of users more and still can’t match profits. The main difference is having an affiliate that actually recognizes quality traffic and pays accordingly.

Plans to increase income

I was pretty lazy this month, didn’t accomplish that much new.

  • Improve main hotel deals site. I think for this I will need to add more hotel providers, but it’s difficult when the market is mostly just Priceline & Expedia. For the most part their group of sites have the same prices as each other so there isn’t much reason to add more. If I can find a good independent provider who also has a great affiliate program I will add them. I’m on the lookout.
  • Skimlinks & Viglink sucks. I’m still trying to find more affiliate alternatives. Like I tried Linkshare last month. It never recorded a single click or conversion I was sending them. Disappointing.
  • Work on my remaining websites. Hot tubs still sitting dry. I added monetized links to resort fees, but so far no conversions from that. I think that will be harder to get conversions on.
  • Foreign language versions of my existing websites. I’m still monitoring German smoking site. It has a low number of visitors but the google search CTR is extremely high. Haven’t monetized it yet, but I’m definitely thinking of moving to the more regional type deals. For example my Awin site might also work really well for Germany.

Looking forward

I broke $1000 this month, should it have been more? Absolutely. But this is also pretty sustainable. Even if I stop working I should be able to hit at least around $1000 every month, and since this is all bonus money beyond my living expenses I’m satisfied with my work so far. As I’m now heading into Spring Break and then eventually the Summer travel season, I expect more money to come in and I should be ready for it.

By the way, the post picture is from when I hiked Flat Iron last month, absolutely fantastic difficult hike. I’d be happy if I were to spend less time working on this nerd stuff and more time doing that.