Website Income November 2019

Things have been looking up in November where I, predictably, made more money from my website business. Here are the sources:

  • Adsense: $116
  • CJ: $208
  • booking: $116
  • viglink(sovrn): $198

A total of $638, which isn’t bad, but can be much better. I already have a number of other parallel streams of income that should be coming into effect in the next few months. This is the work and effort of well over a year coming together right now. There are a couple caveats that the Adsense and booking income is not monthly, It takes several months for each to accrue the required minimum $100 to be eligible for withdrawal, for that reason I should not expect it consistently.

Plans to increase income

This was a good month and I got significant work done, many of the my goals I made last month were accomplished, here is an overview of what happened.

  • Improve main hotel deals site. It’s still mostly working okay, but I still need to improve the results for a specific booking agent, unfortunately I do not have any affiliate income for that specific agent so I have no reason to do so at the moment. This will be an ongoing process to see if I could start getting commissions, but I probably won’t have a better idea of that until the end of December. I also have another booking agent I need to optimize my affiliate links with since I think the majority of bookings with them are not going through for some reason. I don’t like that I have to handle this kind of sketchy-like but I worry my algorithms will rub some companies the wrong way with how I’m exposing their “deals” for not being that great.
  • Improve smoking/under 21 website. Done. There were some improvements I needed to make to the smoking one to improve the results, that may take months to propagate through, but everything looks to be working and in line. Both sites are already generating income and solid growth.
  • Adjust affiliate clicks so users aren’t sending more than 1 affiliate click. This is mostly done, but I’ve gone with a different solution where each click will send users to a different competing program, it might increase income at the expense of a worse CPC, but I don’t think I have much reason to work harder at that for the time being. The affiliates I’m interested in who are going to approve me already have.
  • Get amazon affiliate for auction site. Done. I switched from ebay to amazon for my auction site, and it was approved. With my limited statistics so far, it appears to convert at about 10% into sales, which is good! But I’m also only getting 0-2 clicks a day, which is bad! I suspect the clicks are accidental, and the products being bought have nothing to do with what the user clicked on and are general household goods they were going to buy anyway. But still, this could be another (small) stream of income I’m not going to turn away. My auction site also has the most email correspondence with me, I’m thinking of creating some sort of forum, or maybe an interactive chat/comment box. Building a community could be a good idea for this niche.
  • Skimlinks sucks. Like I already mentioned, I’m having some issues with getting affiliates to pay me commissions. This is going to be ongoing. However, at the moment I have Skimlinks generating income off the only advertiser I’ve seen that pays reliably on them.
  • Work on my remaining websites. Hot tubs & hotel fees. I’m considering re-branding the hotel fees as a site where you can get lists of hotels with the fees already included, making comparison easier. This may leach from my other sites, but that’s okay. For hot tubs, I still need to research what made my main competitor so successful in this niche and try to duplicate it. I think these two projects could be good to work on during December.

Looking forward

My goal now is to diversify. I don’t want to have any single source of income to dominate the rest, as long as I keep things spread out I will be less likely to be vulnerable to losing affiliates, or having terms change to my detriment. I am creating many different parallel streams of income that together should make a very decent living wage. I will also maintain my flexibility. I have a lot of tools, knowledge, servers, and drive to keep this up and generate more income.

Lately my website income hasn’t been that high, but I also don’t spend a huge amount of time on it. Probably less than a part time job. I feel this is a good amount to prevent getting burned out and to keep my enjoyment of it.