Website Income October 2019

Here’s a (short) list of where I got income for October:

  • Viglink (or Sovrn now): $26
  • CJ: $144

I made a total of $170 in the past month, which is still terrible. I need to be getting upwards of over $1000/month to give me more breathing room. Let me look at the tasks I assigned myself last month and the progress I’ve made so far. There isn’t much progress since I spent most of the last month playing video games and not working. There were some good games out and that’s the benefit of being financially secure, I make these calls and my finances are still fine.

Plans to increase my income

  • Improve main hotel deals site.
    In progress, but mostly done. I did make some changes so that even when some key results aren’t available, other listings will be used instead. I also added some threads to one of the processes which makes it faster/more reliable.
  • Improve smoking/under 21 website.
    In progress. The smoking site has been growing rapidly, I am currently working on a new search method to deliver more relevant and better results. Should be done this week. This can be easily leveraged to pretty much all my other sub sites as well. The most immediate gains will probably come from improving these websites soon!
  • Adjust affiliate clicks so users aren’t sending more than 1 affiliate click.
    No work done, This will be folded into the above project when that is near completion. The main advantage to this is to increase my EPC rating, fewer clicks mean a better rating! Then maybe I could sign up with Priceline again. if they would approve my affiliate requests they’d probably be delivering me over $1000 a month.
  • Get amazon affiliate for auction site.
    No progress, I haven’t really looked at how to leverage this, I could probably increase my auction site’s income a bit, but the traffic is far too low for any real gains. That said, if I knew how to increase traffic to this site, it could be very lucrative.
  • Skimlinks sucks.
    This is a new addition. I’ve been trying to make money by using skimlinks for years, it’s incredibly unreliable. It’s possible it’s a scam since the amount of profit compared to the number of clicks I send through them is nowhere near reasonable. Either their system is very broken or it is a scam. I’m going to try to move all my remaining affiliate links off of them.

Looking forward

I have things to work on, and definitely areas where I can make more money. It should only be a matter of time before these efforts pay off. I just need to stop playing video games for a while.